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I have been following this story lately and it is surprising how it has escalated over the past few days. Miss Gibbons has been arrested and charged in Sudan for naming or allowing a teddy to be named Mohamed, whichever the case maybe. Whether she named the teddy herself or let her pupils name the teddy is something not known for certain yet. The prosecution team

has completed its investigation and has charged the Briton Gillian [Gibbons] under article 125 of the criminal code

My interpretations of the situation thus far are here:

  • Surely when Miss Gibbons was on her way to Sudan to teach English to the young impoverished kids there she would have taken into consideration the culture of the people there, the religion and the laws and jurisdictions that govern them.
  • If after all this, and while cognisant of the religious aspects and the events of the Danish cartoons just a short while ago now, she managed to name or allowed the children to name the teddy Mohamed, then in all fairness, she was imprudently advised.
  • But if that was an honest mistake on her part, and she never meant any offence, then surely Miss Gibbons must be released.
  • Or is it this case has some underlying political connotations and Miss Gibbons is being used as pawn?

As with everything else nowadays, religion seems to be at the heart of every debate.

It is pretty simple though and the rule is universal. We live in Britain and being the law-abiding citizens that we are, abide by the rules and regulations that govern us here. Conversely, when the Brits go to live abroad, surely they must be expected to abide by the laws of that country, however extreme those laws may be… or don’t go!


What do you think…?


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British, Eritrean, Swedish, American and Yemeni. These are the nationalities of the foreign fighters allegedly captured in the North Eastern Puntland state of Somalia. Now as much as USA, Ethiopia and their puppet Somali officials want to deceive the world into believing that foreign fighters, especially, Al-Qaeda fighters, are in Somalia wishing to turn it into an Islamic stronghold and terrorist grounds, they cannot mislead the Somali public. The Somalis are aware and mature, able to discern facts from fibs. I personally don’t believe it and very much doubt that majority of the Somalis believe it too.

It was in January when they targeted the alleged Al-Qaeda fighters in Ras Kamboni and Afmadow but, instead, killed scores of innocent nomadic settlers. And now they want to tell us that they have escaped all the way to the Northeast.

The only reason the Somali government keeps playing the ‘foreign fighters’ card is for the financial and military support of America and Ethiopia. And though the American dollars pouring into Somalia might now serve as a means to an end for the incompetent lackeys, soon they will wail when it turns to poisoned chalice! As for the American intentions, well they are clear: Somalia is situated on a strategic location – the Gulf of Aden to the North and the Indian Ocean to the East – with access both to the Middle East and Africa and has the largest coastline in Africa. Do I need to state the obvious here?

Also Mohamed Hassan noted that;

When Somali businessmen went to the American embassy in Nairobi to invite them to come to Somalia and see for themselves that there were no Al Qaeda members in the Islamic Courts, the Americans refused. They will never forget nor forgive the USA and their puppet Ethiopia for bringing Somalia back to the reign of terror and chaos of the warlords. And in their eyes it is crystal clear that the talk about Al Qaeda’s presence in Somalia is nothing else then the excuse, the lie that must justify the war. Just like the lies about the weapons of mass destruction of Saddam used to justify the aggression against Iraq .

The little village of Baargaal that they bombarded with their gunships is largely uninhabited. It used to be a port city of great importance during the times of British and Italian rule; but once Somalia gained independence, most of the settlers moved from the mountainous regions towards the south to join their brethren and taste the fresh breath of unity and freedom. Now Baargaal is but a tiny dwelling for a small number of people.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of the so-called Al-Qaeda targets being bombed in Somalia. Also, do you ever wonder where the stockpiles of ammunition and weaponry come from? How do they reach the warlords? Who supplies them?

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Formula 1’s first black driver is in pole position to be Britain’s biggest sports star!

You know, I am not much into Formula 1 racing but Lewis Hamilton has been brought to my attention much through the hype of the media. And to be honest, by the way he is performing now, he seems to be in a very good shape and receiving standing ovations from the onlookers. What I fear though, is the backlash of this extravagant publicity. I fear that he may not be able to cope with this unattainable expectation that the Brits put on his shoulders. There was the same hype and unsurpassable expectations over Button too, and Henman and many other great but not so great British sportsmen. Too much is put on their plate.

What I find startling also is the way it makes me feel. It makes me feel slightly proud in some way that a black person has reached this stage in the Formula 1 and the first person to take the podium in his first three races at that – though he never won one yet. But this slight sensation of my reserved pride in his achievements outlines something far more dangerous. It suggests that a black man hasn’t had the competence of accomplishing such a feat – that’s until now; until Hamilton came and rescued him. As if he did it for the black race! Why is he being judged on the basis of his skin colour?

And I don’t know why, but I predict that, like any other black man who has made tremendous amounts of money will undoubtedly splash out on a culture of profligacy and hedonism rather than anything beneficial. They are a fat lot of use!

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With knife crime sweeping across the country , the politicians are quick to mete out their hollow words. We need to be tougher on crime, they say, and the media picks this up and plasters it across its front pages. An amnesty will soon be in place to curb the spiralling wave of crime, as communities are devastated, and soon all will be forgotten – that’s until another victim falls on the street splattered with blood.

Any bus journey home, in any corner of the UK, could be your last. The streets are teeming with “thugs” who are bent on crime and intimidation. This is not something new – it has been like this for ages. And for a very long time too, the government has been trying to do something about it but all with empty promises.

What I am extremely irritated by, though, is the opinions of those people – (some) White people – who assume that this country is being degraded by black people and their cultures. As soon as the talk of crime gets underway, they already seem to know their suspects. Young, Black, Male, with nothing better to do than infiltrate this country with their crime and filth. I remember very well reading the Evening Standard, last year, when An Wilson said that “the only contribution” Somalis make to this society is “street crime and violence”! I am almost certain that when Mr Wilson wrote those words he was either highly intoxicated or his head was too far up his arse to make any sense.

This is the sort of racist tinge to crime, that Jackie describes here, I despise;

…there is a racist tinge to the reaction of the majority. People think, but don’t say, well, it’s only black on black, or Asian on Asian for that matter. It is one gang of uncivilised young thugs against another (though Kodjo was neither a gang member nor a young thug). Keep out of their way, and these murders will continue but won’t touch us. When the people involved are young and white, another defence mechanism kicks in: “Well, it happened outside a pub/nightclub in the small hours. If you’re not young, male and drinking in the wrong place, this won’t touch you.”

Crime has no colour, neither does wickedness. These youths understand the leniency this government has towards crime and are taking advantage of it – they know they will be out soon, with their “street credibility” up a notch. Prison is no deterrent whatsoever. And the poor mother lies in her bed in grievance. Another son lost, another mother bereaved. Over the past two weeks alone 14 murder cases involving knives were reported and just over this weekened alone there were 50 cases involving knives.

Imagine if this country had a National Service scheme – where every child, upon finishing his/her GCSEs, must go through a compulsory one or two years service in the Army!

I am all for bringing back corporal punishment in schools as well as capital punishment in the country. Anyone agrees?

An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind, but sometimes it’s the best solution!

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Did anyone read the Metro today to find that now His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid – The ruler of Dubai – is a suspect for the 911 terrorist attacks. But sorry guys, it was an error!

Metro would like to apologise for an error in today’s edition of the newspaper (Friday 9th March).

A photograph of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed has been incorrectly used instead of a picture of terror suspect Kahlid Sheikh Mohammed.

The incorrect image accompanies a story about the Guantanamo hearings on page 21. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is suspected of masterminding the September the 11th attacks on the US.


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I attended the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) Black Members Council (BMC) conference today and learnt of some staggering issues regarding the Media. For all those Black and Ethnic Minority Journalism hopefuls, be warned, a bumpy ride awaits you my friends, so be ready!

There is no one Black person that manages or has a senior position in any of the national newspapers and Television in the UK – even the BBC, which seems to be the best portrayal of Ethnic Minority in the Media. Most of these companies are owned by middle-ages white men with very rigid ideas as to what they want to see on their TV and whom they want to be represented by.

Today, you are more likely to see black people on National Television (as news reporters, presenters, etc) than ten years ago, but have you thought why? Traditionally, black people were in the backroom. For example, if you go to a hotel, you will always find a beautiful white woman sitting at the reception to welcome the visitors, and where are the black people – always in the kitchen. So why has this changed now? Why are black people all of a sudden appearing on National Television screens as the faces of major news channels despite the fact that they hold no managerial positions? The answer is simple – Because they are there simply for decoration purposes.

Black people, after coming across hundreds of hurdles, rigorous job interviews, and endless hours of fetching tea and biscuits for their senior white editors, might faintly have a chance of being employed by a National newspaper (if they are lucky). And once employed by a newspaper or a Television, retention rates are very, very low and there is absolutely no chance for progression. Management is always the specialty of a White, Middle-class, Oxbridge-educated male. You won’t find black people in roles where decision making is required or to represent a National Newspaper! They don’t mind having black people as long as they are not too many and are doing subordinate roles.

The prime reason the Media employ black and Ethnic Minority journalists is solely to ‘show’ the powers that be that they are recruiting on fair grounds and are fully aware of the Discrimination Laws, and, of course, to re-assure the Ethnic Minority that there is a voice for them in the Media. However, whether the black people in the media represent the voice of the Ethnic Minority groups they were born into or not is still a bone for contention.

Which left me wondering, is it that Black people are not “British enough” to represent or manage a British newspaper, for I have nothing else to think of that could be deemed rational in the light of these findings. But whatever the reasons are for such domination of the Media by the white-middle-class-males, it is not something that will be easily ended soon I believe!

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News story of the day:

An Iranian Newspaper has launched a competition to find the best cartoon about the Holocaust in retaliation for the publication of caricatures of Prophet Muhammad.

The iranian daily Hamshahri said its contest was designed to test the boundaries of Free Speech – the reason many European Newspapers have given for publishing the cartoons of the prophet. Each of the 12 winners will have their cartoons published and receive two Gold coins (worth about £80 each) as a prize.

The move was denounced by the conference o f European Rabbis. Joseph Sitruk, the Chief Rabbi of France, said:

The Iranian regime has plummeted to new depths if it regards the death of 6million Jews as a matter for humour

Source: Metro

Now its fully understood that Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right, but its only fair to ask, do they then regard the caricatures of the holy Prophet as a matter of humour?

In other News:

Thousands of copies of a student newspaper had to be recalled after it reprinted one of the caricatures of the Holy Prophet. The editor of Gair Rhydd – which means Free Word in Welsh – was suspended from the Students’ Union at cardiff University and three other student Journalists are being investigated. All copies of the newspaper were withdrwan from distribution points.

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