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An old lady escapes in a wheelbarrow

Plumes of dust sombrely soar above the once beautiful city of Mogadishu. The putrid smell of decaying bodies and the stench of blood nauseatingly drifts in the atmosphere. In the ravaged streets, the ruthless sounds of bullets, rocket-propelled grenades and rattling gunfire coupled with the loud cries of bewailing mothers form a cruel cacophony. And in their hideouts, the mothers struggle to raise their under-nourished children and lay them in their laps knowing that they would soon breathe their last. They have nothing to feed them. The few buildings that are left now stand derelict and desolate. Life is slowly seeping out of Mogadishu. The last remaining inhabitants are either too weak to relocate or lack the means and wherewithal with which to do so. And the whole world stands unconcerned…

The Somali media has been gagged and more than a million people have been displaced, leading to the worst humanitarian crisis in the continent, and not a brow is lifted?

What is happening in Somalia today is nothing more than a systematic and a well-orchestrated displacement process and here is what I think is happening. The Ethiopians along with the much reviled warlords we have for a “government” intend to:

  • Kill as many Somalis as possible in order to curb/deplete the population
  • Make Mogadishu uninhabitable – so much so that it turns into a ghost city.
  • Repopulate the city with Ethiopian troops that gradually bring their families, relatives and their scrawny tribes to infest it.
  • Move to other cities

And this looks very probable and practical for an army with an implacable hatred for Somalis. But never would it have been possible for a withered nation to invade Somalia had it not been for one of our very own blood…

My God! What has become of us? when have we sunk so low…We live in a world where the perpetrators of crime are supported and applauded whilst the ill-fated victims are disparaged and castigated.

Quote of the Day:
“Injustice everywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”–Martin L. King


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(clockwise from top left): Muktar Said Ibrahim, Yassin Omar, Hussain Osman and Ramzi Mohammed. Photograph: Metropolitan Police/PA Source


Four men convicted of the 21 July bomb plot have been jailed for life, with a minimum tariff of 40 years each.

Muktar Ibrahim, 29, Yassin Omar, 26, Ramzi Mohammed, 25, and Hussain Osman, 28, were found guilty on Monday.

Their plot to detonate explosives on three Tube trains and a bus in London in 2005 was a “viable… attempt at mass murder”, the judge said.

Two other men – Manfo Kwaku Asiedu and Adel Yahya – face a retrial after the first jury failed to reach a verdict… Read more

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With knife crime sweeping across the country , the politicians are quick to mete out their hollow words. We need to be tougher on crime, they say, and the media picks this up and plasters it across its front pages. An amnesty will soon be in place to curb the spiralling wave of crime, as communities are devastated, and soon all will be forgotten – that’s until another victim falls on the street splattered with blood.

Any bus journey home, in any corner of the UK, could be your last. The streets are teeming with “thugs” who are bent on crime and intimidation. This is not something new – it has been like this for ages. And for a very long time too, the government has been trying to do something about it but all with empty promises.

What I am extremely irritated by, though, is the opinions of those people – (some) White people – who assume that this country is being degraded by black people and their cultures. As soon as the talk of crime gets underway, they already seem to know their suspects. Young, Black, Male, with nothing better to do than infiltrate this country with their crime and filth. I remember very well reading the Evening Standard, last year, when An Wilson said that “the only contribution” Somalis make to this society is “street crime and violence”! I am almost certain that when Mr Wilson wrote those words he was either highly intoxicated or his head was too far up his arse to make any sense.

This is the sort of racist tinge to crime, that Jackie describes here, I despise;

…there is a racist tinge to the reaction of the majority. People think, but don’t say, well, it’s only black on black, or Asian on Asian for that matter. It is one gang of uncivilised young thugs against another (though Kodjo was neither a gang member nor a young thug). Keep out of their way, and these murders will continue but won’t touch us. When the people involved are young and white, another defence mechanism kicks in: “Well, it happened outside a pub/nightclub in the small hours. If you’re not young, male and drinking in the wrong place, this won’t touch you.”

Crime has no colour, neither does wickedness. These youths understand the leniency this government has towards crime and are taking advantage of it – they know they will be out soon, with their “street credibility” up a notch. Prison is no deterrent whatsoever. And the poor mother lies in her bed in grievance. Another son lost, another mother bereaved. Over the past two weeks alone 14 murder cases involving knives were reported and just over this weekened alone there were 50 cases involving knives.

Imagine if this country had a National Service scheme – where every child, upon finishing his/her GCSEs, must go through a compulsory one or two years service in the Army!

I am all for bringing back corporal punishment in schools as well as capital punishment in the country. Anyone agrees?

An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind, but sometimes it’s the best solution!

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Though the government says it has spent quite a bit of money on its regeneration, the old reputation of Peckham still seems to exist – a dangerous area known for its gang-related shootings and violence.

Before Peckham, Brixton was considered the crime hotspot in London but that notion is now outdated and South East London seems to be in people’s minds when speaking of crime. Children as young as 14 are being charged with murder and the number of gun-crime is soaring.

Most people will remember the death of Damilola Taylor, seven years ago, upon hearing the name Peckham. And many will even recall the poignant image of the mother who was shot dead whilst clutching her baby in her hands. Then a string of gun related incidents, and then, a few days ago, there was the 15-year old shot dead while he slept soundly in his bed. Another man was stabbed a few blocks away. What is London coming to?

With the soaring number of gun crimes, usually Black-on-Black, am we justified in saying that the Met’s Operation Trident is utterly futile and hopeless?

Also on Crime:
I was listening to the news this morning when they mentioned that the Met Police were searching for a 5-year old girl who, along with two other girls, mugged a 95-year old woman!

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 Imagine seeing that sign (above) on the doors of shops and recruitment agencies today!

These days most young black youths are enticed by the life of luxury, women, and self-indulgence – a life marked by trivialities and an intellectual cul-de-sac where they try to imitate the lives of the gangster rappers who accentuate a life of folly and short-lived fun. Being black has become synonymous with crime, drugs, poverty, idiocy and anything that constitutes an illegal act. Why is it so?

Maybe it is because they don’t really value the sacrifices their forefather made in order for them to be here and be treated like humans. Maybe they need to be reminded of the days when their forefather were picked, like merchandise, from their countries and sold into slavery, the days when they were labelled “heathens” and it was considered a badge of elitism for anyone in the possession of a fine black slave – the darker the slave the better as it contrasts the whiteness of the owner! Or the days when upon escaping, they lived in abject poverty and were the finder’s keepers! In order to go forward and succeed in life, one must have the intelligence with which to look backwards from time to time and rediscover his roots, history and the price paid by his people for him to be where he is today. They are very rich in terms of opportunities, yet they waste it! What a Pity!

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