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In the most revered tone of greeting Assalamu Calaykum, or in the tone of a true nomad that I have become lately, iga gudooma salaan sare dear friends.

My adventures in Miyi are over for now, but the memory still remains of the scenery, the culture, the people and the simplicity of the life that i’ve began to love, despite its numerous hardships. I have reached Badhan yesterday to unwind and greet a few relatives before jetting off on the 27th back to Dubai.

As for pictures and stories relating to my Nomadic experiences, just wait till I rejuvinate my body and my feet recover from these burning blisters that the nomads said would be a long lasting souvenir of my stay. As soon as I reach Dubai, if the damned Daaley Airline operates on fair grounds, I shall upload the pictures and tell you of the vast land I discovered…


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