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My first post! My First Blog! “My first time”

Finally! What a relief! Computer geeks would have probably done this within two minutes, but it took me exactly 1 hour, 4 minutes and 33 seconds to create this simple blog. It proved nerve-racking despite the fact that all i had to do was choose and the computer would do it for you.

Choosing the template took most of my time. Eventually when i thought that the few given templates were rather unsightly, i glanced at a reading on the top right corner which says “You can chage your template at a later stage” I mean i spent nearly an hour trying to figure out which one to use as i thought these things were about to become a permanent feature of what would be considered my “home” for the coming months, or maybe years! Oh Well!

Anyways, greetings! Its about time i started thinking about about what to put onto these pages then!


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